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At SirensCoveDesigns, we want to be as transparent as possible. Saying that, we have created a reviews page for any past clients to share their thoughts. 
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I have absolutely loved working with Sirens Cove Designs for my dream tail! I had a very general vision and they brought it to life in a way I never could have imagined! My tail swims beautifully and is gorgeous! I also got matching sports bra and leggings which let me feel like a mermaid even when I'm not in the water! Couldn't be happier with my tail and the customer service!!!

Sirens Cove Designs creates amazing custom swim shirts to match any tails!  I have already purchased three different designs from her, and I am very pleased with all of them!  Two orca style tops (one with a dorsal fin attached!) and one ocean tattoo designer top!   Thank you Sirens Cove Designs!

I loved the tail! It was  based on my original design concepts and the tail maker improved it and made it even better! There was constant, clear communication with the maker so I was never worried at any point of the making and waiting process. The tail itself is gorgeous and I can swim in it just fine. Its comfortable and fits me wonderfully. I hope to commission another tail from Ella soon!

I love the tail I received! The colors are amazing and the fabric is light and perfectly fitted! The design is exactly what I wanted and I am so grateful that I got to work with someone so kind! Thank you for the tail! Can’t wait for next summer!!

The tail is BEAUTIFUL!!! Absolutely everything I could have ever hoped for!!!! 

Amazing!! The tails are beautiful, the webbed gloves were an absolute hit, the bracers for the pre-designed Axolotl tail match the tail perfectly, and the October skeleton top is both beautiful and beyond comfortable!! The designer kept me in the loop about the stages of anything custom made and updated me with any changes they would recommend, and always double checked to see if I was okay with the progress!! The whole thing was fast and simple and they always got to me before most other tail companies would’ve even shipped their products out (I’m even an international customer), definitely coming back for more!

Love the colors on the Citrine Mermaid top I ordered! It matched my Fin Fun tail so nicely. Will totally be getting another top from this shop. It looks awesome in and out of the water! It is the perfect causal mermaid top and I can’t wait to use it more! 
Fair warning though the mermaid tops do not come with any kind of padding or support other than some light compression so you may need to wear something underneath it. It is more a swim crop top than a sports bra. That being said it is still well worth the money!